ASP.NET CORE and Kendo Grid

I have a lot of experience working with kendo grid in ASP MVC so I was definitely not expecting any surprises wiring up a simple grid with a remote data source in ASP.NET core. Well I was wrong 😛

Here is my view:



And my controller action:



In ASP MVC those two would have been enough. However in ASP.NET Core you need to take an additional step for the kendo grid to be able to read the data (see Startup.cs code below). This is because ASP.NET Core incorporated Newtonsoft’s JSON Serializer and for some reason decided to set the default behavior to change the casing of our properties to camelCase (using CamelCasePropertyNamesContractResolver). In order to force it to use the same property names that we defined in our view models we need to use the



For more info about who is to blame for the brilliant decision of making camelCase the default take a look at:


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